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Special design and special measure Luxury Kitchen furniture. Getting your kitchen is like your living, beautiful and high quality. High and low furniture large capacity, heat zones to integrate all kinds of cooking systems. Owens and grills. Cold areas for refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars. Cabinets organize and recreate in a superlative image of use, capacity and integrated systems. without sacrificing the beauty of the finishes, Lacquered or Varnished and Gold and Silver Patina. Can be adapted to any space and other style. To satisfy any need and storage capacity.

Palace Decor and Design, Fine Furniture.

In every luxury kitchen furniture design, all kind of goods and electrical appliances can be integrated. Extractors and ovens, different types and also integrated; ventilation systems and gas absorption; sound and music appliances, TV systems; cold and freezing systems as well as wine racks and cellars. All client's needs or wishes can be also integrated within out designs, just let us know. It is also possible to manufature tables, chairs, wardrobes, sewing rooms, integration of washer and dryer zone and, in general, any accessory necessary to conform a full kitchen. All furniture displayed can be customized, made-to-measure, or matching with already existing furniture or simply because a different colour, not displayed is wanted.needs. All in all, fulfilling client's needs. As part of our service, we also offer finishing any piece of furniture and lamps in patina and plated (Gold and Silver), when not present in the original design of the product.

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