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Great Luxury Special Boisserie, custom-made by project. Dining Room general view
Boisserie installation following own design, by project
Noble woods: Walnut, Oak and others with artistic marquetry and hand-made carving by our cabinetmaker masters
Different varnish finishes available, including molding and carving, finished in Gold Leaf

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Great Luxury Boisserie based on our designs and projects from the special projects department, for exclusive clients, inspired in historical designs. We can design any type of boisserie and integrated complementary elements, such as bookcases, cabinets, radiator shelves, mirrors, windows, door and coffering for a whole wonderful decoration work. Fully customizable and exclusive for your House, Mansion or Palace interior design. Through the corresponding measurement achieved by our experts, right in at the client’s – or based on architectural plans – we deliver a projectwith the finest space studies, elevations and perspectives, if necessary, for a better visualization of the design, by the client. We mostly use solid noble woods (unless the client require a different type of wood or finish: lacquer, marble…). Discover more possibilities exploring our High end Furniture Store

We also do panelling and integration of furniture. In every surface or in the noble areas, we elaborate and manufacture one of the essentials in luxury decoration: boisseries. Full artistic production and hand-made structures, carving, marquetry, varnish and lacquer. A whole technical fantasy ballet for a luxurious and glamorous world. We also feature different models with many different finishes: varnish, rich decorative elements such as Gold leaf, Silver leaf, patina in oils, and many other details for the enrichment of a piece or atmosphere. We also offer the integration of boisseries with your own furniture, providing you with the best finish and possibilities for it; or linked to your most personal aesthetic likes, driving to the best interior design.

Luxury Hotel Decoration, Palace Decoration

Our interior design projects and Boisseries can also feature studies for roof and floor, in harmony and quality for a unique and spectacular finish. It is also important to note that apart from designs for luxury classic interiors, we also provide with designs and are able to manufacture many Boisserie styles: Vintage, Modern, Art Decó, Mediterranean, Rustic, Colonial, and may others… Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can answer you about any possible question that may arise on models, designs, finishes and so on; we aim at making your House, Luxury Hotel Decoration or Palace Decoration, however it is, a unique, special and totally exclusive.