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REF: OR1083 Office Table Ref.MF018M, 219x100x79 height (cm).

REF: OR1089 Office Armchair Ref.MF076RL, 81x84x120/50 height (cm).

Walnut wood, carving and artistic marquetry.
Varnished finishes with special Patina in Gold and Silver leaf.
Table lid upholstered in decorated Leather from our exclusive collection of samples.
Office Armchair upholstered in decorated Leather from our exclusive collection of samples.

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Luxury Office Furniture | Designer Home Office Furniture

Great classic design of luxury Office Furniture, a Table with matching armchairs and bookcases from the same serie. Big capacity Office Table with an elegant and representative image, with drawers and upholstered lid in decorated Leather, same as the Office Armchaie, comfortable and articulated with matching accesories, as shown in other pictures from the serie. A serie of complementary tables is also available, as shown in other pictures from the serie of Designer Home Office Furniture, as well as auxiliar tables for computers, different sizes.

Luxury Office Chairs

A serie of bookcases has been designed for the completion of the office room, following the same and very spectacular aesthetic of the furniture. On top of that, also meeting tables and luxury office chairs (different measures available) are offered, based on the client's needs. Carving and marquetry handcrafted by experts and artisan cabinetmakers of the utmost international prestige. Production in Noble woods and/or exquisite Lacquer. All combiend or just one of them; when combined, it brings class and elegance.

In this picture, the model displayed has carved mirror overlays which provide with an enrichment of the aesthetic and complete the elegant finish.

Full artesanal production, having also the possibility to customize following client's needs and with different finishes than the ones displayed in the collection of samples. Boiseries with different types of bookcases might be designed and integrated if the client requires so, in order to take pleasure in the beauty and the joy of an extraordinary and unique serie of luxury furniture in the world. Moreover, it is possible, under an agreed design and project, to complete the office or office room decoration with panelling, coffering, built-in furniture, doors and windows. All for reaching a quality, representativeness and great aesthetic fulfilling  your social, professional and representative needs.