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REF: OR1043 Bedroom atmosphere Serie OR1043MF Wood.

REF: OR1045  Bed Ref.MF1041, 240x235x177 height (cm). (Interior 184x205).

REF: OR1047  Bedside Table Ref.MF1031 95x50x71 height (cm).

REF: OR1048  Chest of drawers Ref.MF1033 150x65x108  height (cm).

REF: OR1405  Chest of drawers Mirror Ref.MF034, 106x132x17  height (cm).

REF: OR1051  Toilette-Chest of Drawers Ref.MF1023 230x62x79  height (cm).

REF: OR1406  Toilette-Chest of Drawers-Triptych-Mirror Ref.MF038, 186x138x23  height (cm).

Walnut wood, carving and artistic marquetry.
Varnished finishes with special Patina in Gold and Silver leaf.
Headboard upholstered in material from our exclusive collection of samples.
It is possible to upholster in fabric or leather provided by the client.

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Luxury Bedroom Sets | Luxury Bedroom Sets Italy

Luxury bedroom sets from Italy of a great classic design; inspired in different historical and antiquarian styles. Singular furniture serie, great luxury and extraordinary quality. It is produced in any world standard size for bases and bedclothes, up to King Size measures. Upholstered headboard - also not upholstered available - depending on the client's wish. In this case, upholstered in exclusive material from our collection of samples. Chest of drawers with mirror, chest of drawers-toilette including a triptych and a whole world of accessories under client's request to satisfy a refined taste and make it compatible with private needs. Carving and marquetry handcrafted by experts and artisan cabinetmakers of the utmost international prestige.

Luxury Bedroom Sets for Sale | Italian Bedroom Furniture

Full artesanal production, having also the possibility to customize following client's needs and with different finishes than the ones displayed in the collection of samples, for an even better integration in an already existing atmosphere in the client's house. Luxury Bedroom Sets for Sale, made in Noble woods and/or exquisite Lacquer. All combiend or just one of them; when combined, it brings class and elegance. Check out our Italian Bedroom Furniture.

Luxury Bedroom Furniture for Sale | Luxury Bedroom Sets Furniture

It can even be adapted to special solutions for people with specific resting problems or people with special needs for articulated or therapeutical bases. The headboard can be pruchased on its own, upholstered or in wood, following the client's needs. Closets and luxury complete dressing rooms, including matching front and interior finishes, can be also produced with this design. For a wonderful functionality and aesthetic quality. Unique values from a luxury product.It is also possible to include, as shown in other pictures from the serie, carved mirror overlays for a spectacular termination. Enjoy the most amazing Luxury Bedroom Furniture sets for Sale.

Furniture serie of a high quality and constructive beauty, possibly among the most elegant and beauty from the international offer in luxury furniture.This is clearly the best offer available for top quality, beauty and elegance in furniture. Within reach of those chosen ones.