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REF: OR6037

Ceiling Lamp Ref.600030001V, 87Øx65 height (cm).

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Luxury Ceiling Lamp

Bronze finished in matt French Gold and gloss finish.

Excellent design of classic luxury ceiling lamp. Manufactured in noble materials and special finishes in Gold (different textures), aiming at configuring an elegant and luxury presence. Handcrafted Lamps serie, by means of traditional methods, inspired in techniques and models that made history and that are today being displayed in large mansiones and palaces all over the world. by being a handcrafted piese, many models might be adapted to different measures and different finishes, following the project's needs or client's wishes. It is also possible, following our design specialists projects, to adapt the different models to the current client's structures, developing large lamps, with special measures and designs, for high ceilings, stairwells, and many other spaces which require special illumination systems. Any lamp model can be adapted to include shade or to light bulbs from any official specification. following client's needs or an illumination project, special materials and of a great richness can also be included, such as precious and semiprecious stones and Strass or Swarovski Crystal.

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Very special lamps for a top quality and luxurious decoration. Glamour and elegance applied to one of the most important details in atmospheres of a high decorative load: lamps, illumination. Ceiling lamp, standard lamp, overlay and large ceiling rose, in combination with indirect and built-in lighting, in luxury finishes, such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bronze, Strass Crystal, Swarovski Crystal, with Silk and Damask, with velvet shades… Noble materials and finishes, essential as a perfect complement and of the utmost elegance in the configuration of any luxury decoration. Representativeness and personality for a unique and very personal atmosphere are complemented by these basic elements for the creation of a delicate, elegant and sensual intimate atmosphere. Take a look in this furniture shop to find more lamps.