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REF: OR1068

Double Cabinet Ref.MF1061, 256x63x236 height (cm), with interior light.
Walnut Wood, carving and artistic marquetry.
Varnished finishes, including special Patina in Gold and Silver Leaf.

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A spectacular piece of luxury dining & living room furniture. With a high artistic quality. Carving and marquetry handcrafted by expert and prestigious cabinetmakers with the highest professional prestige. Handcrafted manufacture that can include custom-made pieces for any client and with different finishes to those displayed in this collection of samples for a full integration in the client's already existing atmosphere. Manufactured in Noble woods and/or exquisite lacquer, for a high class and elegant finish. As shown in the pictures, carved mirror overlays can be included for a termination which comes off spectacularly Low doors and shelves in the inside, the back is finely upholstered with samples from our collection, Satin, Silk, Damask and Moire. Or in the tapetry chosen by the client for the best integration with upholstered furniture and/or curtains. Find in this shop plenty dining & Living Room Ideas

Living Room Furniture

Furniture collection featuring high quality and constructive beauty pieces, possibly among the most elegant and beautiful from the current international offer in dining and living room furniture. It covers different possibilities for bookcase and cabinet, dining room table, chair, armchair and exclusive office furniture. Other options are also offered with this design, full bedrooms including accesories and wardrobe and if the space demands it, full dressing rooms for a high aesthetic quality while still also functional. We can also design and integrate, if requestedby the client, boisseries with cabinets and bookcases for enjoying the beauty and the unique and extraordinary of luxury furniture. Also when the project requires so, doors, windows and coffering can be manufactured and installed. Elements of the utmost aesthetic value that can be integrated within a whole unique set. This is clearly the best offer available.