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REF: OR8006

CABARET Chryselephantine Sculpture Ref.800678M, 18x45 height.

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Enameled Bronze with Antiquarian Patina, Silver and Ivory. Marble Base.

A Masterpiece by definition, this sculptural piece is a luxurious decorative object. A part of history in the decoration world and in the sumptuary objects. Luxury materials such as Ivory (Certified). You can buy Gold, Silver or Bronze statues, also Marble and refined artistic finishes with Patina and Enamel, confer an exquisite and essential image at home, as a decorative object and Masterpiece. Legal and authorized reproductions of museum original pieces, executed by sculptors, artists, who receive the recognition for a long career and a wide experience in the field of restoration of original masterpieces for museums and artistic institutions, both public and private. Purest Art Noveau style, this sculpture for sale represents the history and the good taste in the luxury decoration concepts, as artistic objects and as beauty representatives of a cultured and historic reality in refined and classy atmospheres.

By being a handcrafted piece, customization may apply, if required by the client: in Gold, Silver, and any other enamel colour, highlighting the beauty of the piece and acquiring a uniqueness customization. Unrepeteable. It is also possible to reproduce, when requested by the client (only for small quantities), various pieces for very special corporate presents, including corporate or personal data, carved in the piece or in the base. Materpieces: atemporal, beauty, social distinction and Culture. All concepts that define a taste for these pieces and make them, since centirues ago, object of desire for refined and exquisite souls.