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REF: OR3302

Kitchen furniture, programme Ref.BE3302, custom-designed and cutom-made.

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Exclusive Kitchen

Lacquered wood from our collection of samples, with carving and decorative overlays. Gold finish and Gold leaf Patina. Ironworksin Patinated Bronze.

Excellent and warm serie of luxury furniture for an exclusive kitchen, custom-made for the client's needs. Kitchen furniture Classic/Art Noveau style of a great aesthetic value and top quality. Full custom-made manufacture for the client's needs, taking measures by our personal for a total integration with the available space in the House or Mansion and the annex zones, such as cellars and wineries. Always under our especialized personal design and project, or following client's plans, design and finish samples. Guaranteeing the best integration with the client's taste.

Antique Furniture inspiration

It is also possible to manufacture this design for Antique Furniture inspiration in noble woods and/or in combination with Lacquer and Patina. Imagine your personal world and we will make it happen. A whole world of work at home, full of quality and glamour, for people that do not give up to have design and beauty at once, even at the most personal workspaces. Where food pleasure is made.

Furniture and accesories adaptable to any space devoted to hot and cold, based on the predetermined spaces by the construction plans. Full integration of any kind of electrical appliances, ceramic hob (also in case of hidden hob), smoke extractor, integrated in the furniture, different purpose ovens, freezers, refrigerators, accesories and refrogerated vitrines for wine, spirits… Full integration also for dishwasher and special appliances, TV, radio, intercom, laptop and security systems. Furniture thought for making comfortable, useful and attractive the art of cooking. Full of possibilities and very elegant.