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REF: OR7001

Porch atmosphere Ref.OR7001, with Pergola-Pavilion, furnished.

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Aluminium Garden Furniture | Wooden Garden Furniture Sets

Pergola in lacquered aluminum and tropical woods. Furniture Ref.OR7000BIT, in high quality lacquered Aluminum.

Elegant and warm light construction, luxurious, for the garden. Based on light structures nd state-of-the-art high technology materials, including highly resistance finishes to the atmopsheric agents. High quality and resistance lacquer aluminium for Garden Furniture, combined with tropical woods for ceiling, floor and furniture to configure an elegant space, classy, for your garden. Furnished with luxurious and prestigious furniture, contemporary design and an absolute guarranty of resistance and adaptation to the external aggresive agents. Protected with Fabrics and Upholstry from our exclusive collection of samples for an absolute joy, making a very personal atmosphere, exquisite and intimate. Our Gardening Department will provide you with a design based on Client's needs, a project including a thorough analysis, study and design of the garden, optional, and also the most recommendable pergola structure (size and orientation) for the space available. Find in our web more Aluminium and Wooden Garden Furniture Sets.

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Glamour and luxury, concepts defining a structure of these characteristics for a garden, Mediterranean or any other style, such as Oriental Minimalis, French, Italian, English… where our internal living is projected to the exterior, with the same level of quality and aesthetics. Noble materials for the construction, adaptable, following the client's needs or our expert's point of view, for an absolute integration, from a style or personal aesthetic point of view, in this kind of atmospheres. Representativeness and intimism at once. Atmospheres to be lived in any season, thanks to our climate control and leveraging the options by creating spaces for the joy, and/or luxurious, such as Bar, Disco, Cinema, TV loung, Game Room and many others. We can also design pergolas and child atmospheres, recreating their world, making a happy place for the kids and friends at home, with our patio furniture sets. Look for more in this store. Wonderful and evocative atmospheres, where fantasy and games come alive.