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Presidential Offices, Classic Office Furniture, Executive Office
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REF: OR1080 - Executive Office Bookcase MF1063 of 453x63x280. Special Measure. Laquered wood decoration view. Carved laquered wood, inlaid with Marquetry and Gold and Silver Patinas.

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Presidential Offices, Classic Office Furniture

One of our most visited sections, where we expose classic office furniture. A wide variety of presidential offices.

The management work is an activity that keeps us pushing so many hours and requires both intellectual and physical effort, that we can only do it in fulfillment of conditions. Including environmental and aesthetic. For our high representative needs, professional and business quality we need, at a time, a special equipment, with an exquisite environmental decoration, of the highest quality, rich and elegant finishes and with the finest representativeness. We present here a very exclusive and representative selection of products: senior management desks, executive armchairs and office armchairs, libraries and special furniture for files and for relaxing; wood panelling and decorative ceilings. Coffee areas and waiting zones in the noble rooms of the central office or the corporate headquarters. All designed and created also for your private office room, in your mansion or palace. Where you also enjoy working, without the vortex of the office and wher eyou can concentrate and focus on any issue or matter. You will also find, in our selection , solutions and furniture for your meeting areas, boardrooms, auditoriums, training rooms, and so on. And also for any need you might have as per your image to any visitor.

Executive Office Furniture, Luxury Office

Executive office furniture sets for you to choose, our beautiful and rich selection of luxury office products

We design the presentation of your products and the project presentation rooms. Private dining rooms, religious halls and common areas of contact and meeting with customers and suppliers. We can design and make customized projects for all your needs, including all the equipment and needs. Luxury, design, quality and representativeness that will make your company one of the most successful and requested. Your image and your company are at stake. Only you know the difficulties and costs that have brought you to this day. Do what other companies and other big businessmen do; choose quality and elegance, noble materials and the truly artistic finishes; Gold, Silver, Bronze, exquisite leathers and rich fabrics. Choose the best. Let us work on it as a whole one project, fulfilling all your idea, everything you expected, so everything has its place, its atmosphere, its integration in a perfect whole. A unique and highly representative whole. This can only be achieved by one team. A team of the highest experience, skills and quality. Our team .

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