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Luxury Living Room Sets | Luxury Living Room Furniture Sets

REF: OR1088 - Executive Bookcase Ref. MF1067M. 453x63x280. Carved wood, Marquetry and Gold and Silver Patinas. Carved and carved mirror.

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Luxury Living Rooms | Luxury Living Room Sets

This section and the extended one about Luxury Living Rooms are full of extraordinary proposals for home, mansion, or palace. Also for professional senior management office, in both the professional and private fields. Special furniture, luxury living room sets, boisseries, paneling and coffering that make us travel to the sources of the ancient High-end Decoration with strong influences of great aesthetic tradition; historical, high-class and glamourous finishes for a great social and professional representation. In a sort of symbiosis between the beautiful, the refinement and practiceness. What you see and what you experience. Classic, contemporary and Art Deco designs. Carving and artistic inlays - which make them unique - noble woods and lacquering and all in perfect harmony with your home and your likes. With the noble desire to enjoy every day something so personal and unique. Only possible for a few. Very few, like you. Pleasure and privilege of feeling the most personal and very exclusive privilege to be able to distinguish between good and elegant and the vulgar and stylish.

Luxury Living Room Furniture | Luxury Living Room Furniture Sets

Made to measure luxury living room furniture for your home, mansion,; from floor to ceiling. Our designers will provide with the best project and interior design for your home. To make your home the home of your dreams. Where you love and live. Where they are happy because you, and only you, with your good taste, can do it like that. Only it will be if you know it's authentic, high quality and made by a few remaining professionals specialized in this type of luxury living room furniture sets. Request a visit and we will go to you, as specialized professionals wherever you are, to measure and make a fine study of what you dream of, aiming at perfection, eaxctly what you want, without error, fearless, trusting in highly expert guidance on making the most of your space, without compromise, without signatures. As only we can do it, Luxury Furniture Store - Tesalia, following our prestige and experience.