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REF: OR1044 & OR1043

REF: OR1044 - Bed Ref. MF1041. 240x235x177 (184x205 interior). Upholstered in Leather or Fabrics based on samples.

REF: OR1043 - MF Wood Serie. Bedroom View. Carved wood, inlaid with Marquetry and Gold and Silver Patinas.

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Luxury Beds | Luxury Furniture Shop

The bedroom; that personal, intimate and unique world. Resting spot by definition. An exclusive selection which includes, mainly, some of the best designs, of the highest quality and best finishes on the market. In our luxury furniture shop you will find classic and contemporary finishes, with unbeatable quality shapes and designs. Stylish refined forms, still recognizable, and conforming, some of them, recognizable images and history; as displayed in palaces and in some of the most important museums in the world. Check our selection of bedroom furniture out and discover amazing luxury beds. High-end decoration, with the highest quality, noble and solid woods, with artistic marquetry inlays and pure and noble materials. The Gold, Silver, Bronze or hand-carved crystal, makes this selection one of the best and most complete in the market. Our suppliers; craftsmen and artists, mainly Italian and Spanish - some of the best in the world -, are repository of the most sacred, pure and artistic traditions of design and construction of unique and artistic products, as the ones displayed in our selection; in this one in particular and also in general.

The solid noble woods are handcrafted, for a spectacular result, solid and durable. Noble and elegant as just some few. Finishes applied in layers, using traditional artistic procedures fully hand-made, to achieve unique feels; silky, lovely, glamorous, beauty and elegant. loving. Beautiful, glamorous and elegant. Just what you are looking for and it is so hard to find! Rest and beauty in a special, intimate place where we are ourselves. Where there is no formality or appearance. Choose the best, and you will choose the quality and the strength of these designs and these forms. As handmade products, we can customize them, made-to-measure for you, including the finishes that you like or adaptingthem to any need you have or finish you wish. All our products can be made-to-measure, created from an original idea, but finished for you, so it becomes unique.

Luxury Beds for Sale

Be proud of your choice and look within our selection of furniture and luxurious servicies, for all you might need for your home, or your mansion become, truly, the most beautiful place on earth.

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